Customers risk and gain is central in all discussions
regarding new installations. Being a technology
company, we know that we have to prove our
concept as well as keeping the risk factor on a low
level for our customers.
A: Ensuring that the machine will deliver

Initially, a component analysis tells us if the part is possible and what level of gains that's needed for customer acceptance. If the part needs more verification we offer our customers a trial casting at a foundry.

B: Ensuring that the production cell will meet productivity targets

The transfer of know-how is vital to a quick integration and successful production. We focus a great deal on education and production support during, as well as after, the installation.
C: After installation

The Rapid S service package includes everything needed for successful semi solid casting. Our aim is to identify all parts with related problems, analyse them, and then introduce them to production in the Rapid S cell. This is the fastest way to a full pay-back of the Rapid S investment.


At RheoMetal, research and development is an on-going business. We are continuously improving our machines in respect to alloys, material characteristics and productivity.

All present and future research of interest is continuously presented to our customers to
support their market developments.

To put it simply - we keep all our customers at the very forefront of metal casting knowledge.